TwoBox Polaroids

This year, we are taking our first show as a company to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. We are extremely excited to have such a fantastic and dedicate team of creative, hardworking individuals helping us take Timeline to the Fringe.


To find out more about these lovely people or to find out more about the show itself, simply click on one of the buttons below:

We are TwoBox Productions!

A new professional company formed by two Nottingham New Theatre alumni, Lauren Grant and Lawrence Bolton.

TwoBox Productions aims to produce socially relevant theatre by tapping into popular culture.

Our work is vibrant, original and relatable, but above all fun. The humour from our productions comes from the reality of the situations and events we portray on stage.

Above all our aim is to make theatre enjoyable for the audience, the cast and the production team alike. At the heart of our company is a sense of fun and a huge

amount of energy, which translates into our work .

Who Are We?