Production Team


Kathryn Feavers

Kathryn began life as a theatre technician, but she quickly realised that her organisational and administrative skills were well suited to producing. She began producing for the Nottingham New Theatre in 2009 and has previously produced for both our director and assistant director. She received a Commendation from the Nottingham New Theatre for excellence in the field of production and technical design. In 2010, Kathryn produced "Chasing Dragons" from the Nottingham New Theatre at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, which enjoyed an excellent critical reception. Kathryn is excited to return to the Fringe as a producer, particularly with such a brilliantly energetic show and a wonderfully talented production team behind her.


Cesar Teixeira

Cesar has directed numerous productions and is excited to get to  work with this new project. He is also a writer and has had his original work performed on stage in Nottingham. He began life as a choreographer and dancer, winning numerous international competitions, but soon realise that he could combine his movement and choreography skill with his love of the theatre and began devising unique movement based, visual performances. In 2011, Cesar directed a production of "The Laramie Project", a piece of verbatim theatre, at the Nottingham New Theatre. This production received outstanding reviews for Cesar's ability to breath 'life into real words, spoken by real people.' He looks forward to bringing life to and a fresh, unique approach to the real words of "Timeline".


Peter Bradley

Peter has directed numerous productions at the Nottingham New Theatre, such as “Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead” and “Jerusalem”, which was selected for the National Student Drama Festival (NSDF) 2013. Peter walked away from NSDF with the coveted Buzz Goodbody Award for Best Direction as well as three other awards for the production. Peter has since gone on to assistant direct a production of Lysistrata at the Djanogly Theatre in Nottingham. Peter has a real connection to "Timeline" having performed in the role of "Jack" for the Les Enfants Terribles Award Showcase. His first production in Nottingham was co-produced by Lawrence Bolton & Kathryn Feavers, so he is looking forward to being reunited with the pair for the Fringe. 

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2013

Media & Marketing Manager

Rosie Cave

Rosie is a recent graduate at the University of Nottingham, where she studied English and History. During her time at university, Rosie developed a huge passion for TV, Film and Theatre, becoming Station Manager of her University’s TV Station in her final year, and Stage Managing for The Nottingham New Theatre’s Performance of Jerusalem at this year’s National Student Drama Festival. Rosie has previously worked in PR, Marketing and Finance during her university holidays, and hopes that she can use the skills she has learnt to develop TwoBox Productions and its first show. She is extremely excited for Edinburgh and can’t wait to get out on the mile and start publicising for Timeline!


Rosie is our Media Contact for the Fringe. Contact her at

Publicity & Promotions Coordinator

Jacob Bellworthy

Jacob is a graduate of King’s College London, where he studied History, followed by Masters in International Marketing. Having previously interned in the marketing department of a theatrical producer, Jacob is excited to use the skills he has developed over time to promote Timeline at the Fringe. He is thrilled to work within a company as exciting, fresh and vibrant as Two Box Productions as they take their first show up to Edinburgh. Timeline is an engaging and authentic glimpse in to the lives of a relatable, eclectic group of people, and is heartfelt and hilarious to boot. He is excited to be involved with a company that manages to both challenge and entertain in its work.

Fundraising Manager

James Hastings

James is a graduate of the University of Nottingham. There, he studied Politics & American Studies, but spent a huge amount of time committed to extra-curricular activities. James was heavily involved in the Nottingham New Theatre in a variety of production roles. He was also part of a charity fundraising team, who raised over £75,500 for numerous charities in 2008 and spent a year as the president of Nottingham's Amnesty International Society. James has worked in management roles at a number of entertainment venues. While there, he regularly organised fundraising and social events. James is very keen to use his fundraising and events planning experience to ensure that "Timeline" is in a financial sound position for the Fringe and beyond.

Fundraising Coordinators

Kristie Thacker & Anna Morley

Kristie and Anna are excited to be supporting James in all areas of Fundraising. Kristie is studying at the University of Nottingham and has a background in organising fundraising events, notably for the charity "Working in Tandem".

Anna studied Philosophy at Nottingham and then progressed into a Masters in Marketing & Graphic Design. While at Nottingham, she was part of the a team that raised £75,500 for charity in one year. From there, she was chosen to be the Fundraising Coordinator for the Nottingham Rag organisation, Karnival. Anna currently works in graphic design.

Kristie and Anna are looking forward to fundraising and looking forward to the Fringe!

Staging & Design Coordinator

Hugh Purves

Hugh currently studies Philosophy & Mathematics at the University of Nottingham. He is thrilled to be part of the team taking Timeline to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2013, as the theatre allows him a creative and artistic outlet away from academic study. Hugh's previous experience of theatre is very diverse, ranging from acting in sparkly leggings to creating puppets for a number of productions. Working with such a creative and dynamic team has proven to be a great experience and  he is enjoying every moment. He has found designing for Timeline an absolute pleasure, due to its unique and fresh approach. He can't wait for you all to see it in Edinburgh!


Ed Denham

Ed has composed numerous pieces for the stage. He has studied at both the University of Nottingham and Birmingham Conservatoire. During his time at the University of Nottingham, Ed composed numerous pieces for the Nottingham New Theatre that were commended for enhancing the performance and nominated for numerous awards by the theatre.  Ed has composed for everything from Shakespearean tragedy to a theatrical re-staging of a televised Ronnie Barker sitcom.  Ed is excited to be part of the TwoBox Family and hopes you enjoy his compositions for the production.

Technical & Video Coordinator

Mia Obertelli

Mia is an experienced video editor and theatre technician. Mia's passion for creating video content began at school, having studied Media. Her passion grew at university, when she began an integral part of Nottingham University Television Station. She was elected to be Director of Content and, during her tenure, the station was awarded Best Broadcaster by the National Student Television Association (NaSTA). Following her success, she was elected to be the NaSTA Development Officer. Mia has also been a theatre technician for successful student shows, such as the recent multi-NSDF award winning "Jerusalem". Mia is excited to be coming to the Fringe this year and hopes you enjoy all the technical treats in Timeline!