Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014 

With the human race threatened by a polluted environment, an environment that after prolonged exposure causes infertility, the government has created an incubator in which men and women are sent until they reproduce. While a database judges compatibility to match a man and woman with one another, a process similar to that of modern dating websites, even those unable to conceive have a place within this artificial reality, tracking the progress of assigned couples. Mates follows Sian as she oversees two couples, acting as their dysfunctional guardian angel and trying to counteract the government’s intentions for them.

by Kiran Benawra


Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014



Sian   Annie Harris

Dan   Tom Redican

Jem   Karen Healy

Anya   Alice Varma

Reid   Phil Powell

SIMMI   Izzy Eadie




Producer   Mia Obertelli

Director   Lawrence Bolton


Set Design   Hannah Olly

Video Design   Hugh Purves

Media & Marketing   Alice Varma

Fundraising & Events  Emma-Louise Amanshia

Technical Operator   Seb Frend



'MATES' at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014

Greenside @ Nicolson Square

1st - 16th August